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Kannabis Kingz

-Smoke with the best-

-Smoke with the best-

-Smoke with the best--Smoke with the best-
Kannabis Kingz presents

Cooney Werks

Always getting that WERK in, Brendan Cooney adds a dynamic element to the Chicago cannabis art scene and community! The Chicago based artist incorporates an international flavor into every aspect in each of his masterpieces. 

Chicago's Cannabis Culture

Staying Lifted


 Discover the unique techniques that Kannabis Kingz brings to the table in creating a vision for not only your brand, but your communities culture and patients as well.  

Chicago Artists


As a cannabis activist, progression is also at the forefront of any project. The flagship artist, is dedicated to making an impact in not only Chicago, but communities worldwide. 

Steady Werkin'


Whether being a custom piece for a personal client, or a local cultivation centers or dispensaries, Kannabis Kingz is progressive in contributing portions of proceeds towards our cannabis communities in the Chicagoland area. 

Chicago Canna Artists & Activists

Kannabis Kingz always getting that Werk In!


Find out how Kannabis Kingz are not only bringing custom branding to your business, but how local artists are making a huge splash in the cannabis industry. Following in the footsteps of our mission, our partnered artists are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of cannabis patients throughout the Chicagoland area. Find out more above on how our team is contributing to those that matter most, while seeking affordable and natural treatments of ailments for medicinal patients. 

Keepin' the Interior Ferior


Whether it's the interior or exterior, making a statement is a must! Showcase your dispensary or cultivation centers brand with a unique style, that will leave your patients and customers spreading the word! Let's Elevate!

Custom Cannabis Drip

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We leave no stones unturned! Why? Because we're branding everything in sight! With unlimited options of custom artwork available to be created, we look forward to working with each of you, in every community in the Chicagoland area!