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About Us

Strength in Numbers


Kannabis Kingz was established to develop a community of educators, advocates, consumers, and industry leaders that all follow a like minded goal. To continue the march and revolutionize the cannabis industry as a whole one step at a time. 

Cannabis Community


We offer a broad array of cannabis services in the industry. Our team is committed to not only spreading awareness about the benefits of cannabis and CBD, but also play an active role in developing opportunities to financially assist those in needs of affordable medication. 

Our Promise to You


In order to provide our members, partners, and customers with the highest level of integrity, our goal is to create a movement that continuously develops opportunities to change the negative stigma of cannabis and make continuous contributions within the cannabis community. 

Our Mission


Working together today, to change tomorrow.

One thing will never change, our dedication to continuously develop and execute opportunities to help better the cannabis community.  We work with many individuals and organizations, from Hawaii to Maine and everywhere in between. 


Programs powered by Kannabis Kingz

We have recently rolled out the Crafts for Cannabis program, powered by Kannabis Kingz. We are currently building many relationships with outside industries, as they ultimately share similar missions with our community. The Crafts for Cannabis program assists Veterans in providing aid when seeking to obtain their medicinal treatments at an affordable cost. 


Involvement and Advocates

Our team consists of not only advocates of cannabis, but also farmers, educators, activists, healers, volunteers, and many more that have a passion for cannabis. There are many organizations and foundations close to our hearts which portions of proceeds are donated in numerous ways through Kannabis Kingz involvement.  

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Please feel free to contact a member of our staff directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Education/Treatments/Growing- info@kannabiskingz.com

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